Client Quotes

“Patricia’s work and advice have been invaluable to me. She has helped me deal with complicated work situations and individuals, she has informed greatly the way I communicate which has enabled me to think long term and sow the right seeds for the future now. Her intuition, professional experience and empathy are truly unique”

Natalie Murray Beale, Conductor / Music Director

“You are what a bespoke suit is to an off-the-rack suit: both make you look smarter but only one instils confidence and exudes success in a way that transcends the material”

Entrepreneur, CEO

“I find it most useful that I can cross check my instincts in relation to certain reactions to situations against the behavioural compass I learned to develop at the start with you...”

Executive Director

“Our conversations and analysis of my real world situations allow me to see what I did well and what I could stand to improve upon in future interactions. The analysis helps to remove doubts”


“You helped me hone my intuition. I can see past the emotion and through to other people’s motivations. Now I do not react to what is presented. I ask more questions”


“Working [with you] is a bit of a combination of having an expert cheerleader who has your back while being objective about what needs to be done, [a confidant] who listens to you when you can do with articulating issues and situations aloud”


“I learned about being confident, especially when dealing with strong personalities …..understanding that work is a stage …..and you can have a professional character without being inauthentic”

Executive Director

“Her immediate and deep understanding of the issues...”

Former Business Consultant, Entrepreneur

“I trust the process. You are impartial... A most valuable aspect is that you provide me with perspective”