The common thread throughout Patricia’s career is bringing life-enhancing understanding, insight, and experiences to others.

Patricia’s person-centred approach and her strong emphasis on values, behaviour and outcomes possibly stem from her studies in Psychology at the University of Sydney. The Faculty emphasis was on behavioural psychology though other theories were explored, including the writings of Carl Rogers. Patricia’s approach to her work has a base in Rogerian theory combined with an understanding of the effect our behaviour has on those interacting with us.

She became very aware of self-defeating behaviours in organisations when she conducted a values-based programme for senior executives, managers and staff throughout a major division of IBM Australia. Having developed the programme and trained other trainers, she ensured that she led at least one session with each group over the six weeks. It became all too apparent where morale issues stemmed from – the lack of understanding of the impact that values have on interpersonal interactions (behaviour), and ultimately on outcomes.

By listening, observing, questioning, studying, guiding, teaching and coaching, her understanding of her clients’ concerns and needs - from the simple to the highly complex - has deepened and broadened. Across companies, across countries, across cultures – the issues may differ yet by returning to examine values and behaviour, especially when the dissonance between them is great, the first steps to resolution can be taken.

Trust is at the core of the decision by individuals and organisations to work with Patricia. As the chosen consultant, clients have confidence in her integrity and advice. In her capacity as a confidant, her discretion, impartiality, clarity, and professionalism are highly valued.

Patricia’s emphasis on values and culture, and her ability to ‘read’ these aspects in clients and in organisations, enable her to work successfully across many sectors. Her clients, including C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals, have come from a very diverse range of sectors – from mining and industrial contracting, government and NGOs, through to FMCG, e-commerce, Financial institutions, Professional Firms, Infrastructure, the Arts, Academia, not-for-profit, and many in between.

Her Board level appointments reflect her diversity of experience and interests (see LinkedIn Profile). The insights she gained from this perspective have proved invaluable, not only in her work with Board and Partner level clients, but also in her coaching and guiding those whose responsibilities sit below the Board, with those whose aspirations include Board level appointments, and with those making critical career transitions.

It is this breadth of experience, knowledge, understanding and wisdom that Patricia brings to her responsibilities as an Adviser, Coach and Confidant.